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Kowa Sporting Optics have been at the pinnacle of optical excellence and appreciated by millions of users across the world. Its spotting scopes, binoculars and other products have been rated highly owing to their exceptional quality and reliability. The achievements are a result of over five decades of experience and various developments.

Kowa caters to the needs of beginners as well as experienced professionals, with a medley of sporting optics that will exceed expectations of outdoor enthusiasts. Highlights of Kowa optics include Eco-Glass in all lenses, ergonomic design, rugged and lightweight construction, operational convenience, uncompromising optical performance, and ability to withstand the challenges of travel and adverse environmental conditions. Kowa sport optics categories are divided into:

Kowa Binoculars

The binoculars offer superior optical performance along with vivid images and impressive levels of clarity, resolution and contrast. Available models include Kowa BD Binoculars, Kowa Genesis Binoculars, Kowa High Lander Binoculars, Kowa BDXD Series Binoculars and Kowa YF/SV Series Binoculars.

Kowa Spotting Scopes

The Kowa spotting scope series is light, compact and user-friendly tools with large objective lens, and ideal for satiating the requirements of demanding users. Available models include Kowa TSN-880, Kowa TSN-770, Kowa TSN-660, Kowa TSN-600 and Kowa TSN-82SV series.

Kowa Eyepieces

The wide array of eyepieces are particularly crafted to match the sighting instruments of the KOWA spotting scopes series. Available models include Kowa TE-11WZ-2, Kowa-TE-17W, Kowa TE-20H, Kowa TE-9Z, Kowa TE-14WD and Kowa TE-17HD eyepiece.

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