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EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

EOTech Vudu Riflescopes showcase durability, precision and versatility at an affordable price. They are engineered to cater to the challenging demands of the serious precision shooter and deliver in critical situations. The EOTech scopes also come in handy for those who require a premium optic for hunting, competition or satiating demands in the line of duty. Features consist of single piece aircraft grade aluminum construction, AR-coated (HD) glass, surgically precise turret systems, first focal plane optical design and an amazingly bright illuminated reticle.

Highlights of EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

  • Made to satiate rugged demands of serious precision shooters and cater to requirements related to premium optic for hunting, competitions and line of duty accomplishments
  • Single piece aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Highest quality AR-coated (HD) glass
  • Surgically precise turret systems
  • First focal plane optic design for quick and accurate target ranging regardless of the magnification levels
  • Exceptionally bright illuminated reticle for taking shot during difficult low-light hours of dawn and dusk
  • Choose from EOTech Vudu Riflescopes and get ready to meet serious precision shooting demands and deliver in critical situations! Buy Now at best price from Scopelist.

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