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Badger Ordnance Rings & Mounts

Badger Ordnance Rings & Mounts

Badger Ordnance has come a long way since its inception in 1982. Today it produces more than 50 items for precision rifles and has the biggest collection of tactical scope rings and mounts and is a supplier to the US military special operations, government agencies and various law enforcement agencies. Here, you will find a unique range of tactical scope rings and mounts, maximized series of scope rings and rails, and more, crafted to the highest tolerances in the industry and to cater to the higher demands of the shooting community. They are made from steel barstock as serialized matched pairs to ensure uniformity and also prevent damage due to mismatched rings. Besides, they are versatile and suitable for a number of mounting options. Be it fit, form quality or finish, products from Badger Ordnance score well from all ends. So look no further. Get the best Badger Ordnance scope rings and Badger Ordnance scope mounts from Scopelist for more mounting options. And enjoy an array of offers and advantages!


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