Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZBR-2 Ballistic BDC Turret Non-illuminated SFP Optifade Subalpine Riflescope 522241-9992-073




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Zeiss 522241-9992-073 Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZBR-2 Ballistic BDC Turret Optifade Subalpine Riflescope

The Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm riflescope, with a ZBR-2 ballistic reticle and BDC turret, is a versatile and non-illuminated optic designed for precision shooting. The Zeiss 522241-9992-073 offers a 3-18x magnification range and features a 50mm objective lens. The ZBR-2 reticle allows for easy compensation of bullet drop and wind drift, and the included BDC turret simplifies adjustments. This riflescope is ideal for hunting in the Optifade Subalpine pattern and is a reliable choice for accuracy-focused shooters.

Reticle Details

The Zeiss ZBR ballistic reticle, found in the second image plane, features 2 MOA subtension (ZBR-2) between its tick marks at the riflescope's reference magnification. The reticle's Christmas tree-like pattern in the lower half of the view allows for quick and simultaneous adjustments for bullet drop and wind drift. You can use the Zeiss Hunting app to precisely calculate these values for your specific ammunition, complete with a visual representation of the reticle, aiding in accurate long-range shooting.

Download Zeiss ZBR-2 Non-Illuminated Reticle PDF

The Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm riflescope is a high-quality optic designed to excel in various shooting and hunting scenarios. With a versatile 3-18x magnification range and a generous 50mm objective lens, it offers excellent clarity and low-light performance. This riflescope is ideal for everything from close-range shooting to long-range precision, and it incorporates advanced optical technologies such as T* (T star) multi-coatings and fluoride lenses to deliver exceptional image quality. Its durable construction and sleek design make it a reliable and stylish choice for serious shooters and hunters.

For hunters who demand versatility and uncompromised long-range performance, the Zeiss Conquest V6 is the scope that proves distance is no obstacle.

The exceptional versatility and lightweight design of this riflescope make it an ideal choice for hunting. Whether you're navigating dense timber or shooting in low-light conditions, the 3x magnification setting excels. For mid-to-long-range hunting and shooting, the 18x magnification setting is the go-to option. With over 100 minutes of elevation adjustment, this scope empowers long-range enthusiasts to take precise shots at extended distances.

Its compact and reliable design ensures easy mounting on hunting rifles, and its features are on par with its exceptional optics. You have the option to choose between capped elevation and windage turrets, featuring a simple yet highly effective duplex-style #6 reticle. Alternatively, you can opt for external elevation and windage turret configurations, complete with ZEISS' sought-after Ballistic Stop. The Ballistic Stop guarantees a consistent return to zero, ensuring reliability with every shot. Additionally, you can select from two second focal plane MOA-based smart reticles: ZBR-2 and ZMOA-2. This riflescope delivers remarkable image quality and unmatched performance.

Available Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50 Models

Models Reticle Finish Product
Zeiss 522241-9906-070 #6 w/BDC Black Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm #6 BDC Turret 522241-9906-070
Zeiss 522241-9906-001 #6 Optifade Open Country Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm #6 Hunting Turret 522241-9906-001
Zeiss 522241-9906-000 #6 Black Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm #6 Hunting Turret 522241-9906-000
Zeiss 522241-9992-070 ZBR w/BDC Black Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZBR BDC Turret 522241-9992-070
Zeiss 522241-9992-073 ZBR-2 w/BDC Optifade Subalpine Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZBR-2 BDC Turret 522241-9992-073
Zeiss 522241-9994-070 ZMOA w/BDC Black Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZMOA BDC Turret 522241-9994-070
Zeiss 522241-9994-071 ZMOA-2 w/BDC Optifade Open Country Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18x50mm ZMOA-2 BDC Turret 522241-9994-071

Features of Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescope:

  • The world’s finest illuminated dot
  • T* Coating, customized for each lenses
  • A clear view, whatever the weather
  • Stable and Shot-Proof


Scope Weight:22.2 oz
Scope Length:13.3 inches
Magnification Range:3-18x
Scope Objective Lens Diameter:50mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount30mm
Scope Turret Adjustment:1/4 MOA
Elevation Adjustment103 MOA
Windage Adjustment58 MOA
Parallax Adjustment:Side Focus 50yds->∞
Reticle Position:Second Focal Plane
Reticle Details:ZBR-2 w/BDC
Field of View:37.2 - 6.3 ft @ 100 yards
Eye Relief:3.5 inches
Illuminated Reticle:No
Finish:Optifade Subalpine
Scope Turret RotationCounter Clockwise (CCW)
Twilight Factor:8.5 - 30
Light Transmission:92%
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Scopes
BrandShop All Zeiss Sport Optics
Date First AvailableJune 20, 2022
Last UpdatedFebruary 15, 2024

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