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Backorder Policy

Due to current global circumstances and increased industry demand, many Scopelist products are out of stock, or backordered. Furthermore, the release of many new products has been delayed. Although we strive to keep every product in stock at all times, this is simply not possible. As such, our backorder policy is as follows:

  • For online orders, we collect full payment at the time you place a backorder. We also accept layaway for backordered items. Please follow these steps if you prefer to set up a backorder with partial payment (minimum 25% deposit) instead. If you are not comfortable with paying a minimum of 25% in advance, please consider signing up for a Back in Stock notification on the product page.
  • If you would like to change or cancel your backorder, please Contact Us. We can cancel your backorder and issue a full refund, add or remove an item or items, change the shipping method, etc. before your order is back in stock.
  • When cancelling a backorder that is paid by credit card or PayPal that is in stock, we can issue a store credit or refund by ACH, wire, or Zelle less credit card or PayPal fees.
  • We have a 6 month window to refund your credit card or PayPal payment for a backorder. If you request to cancel your backorder after 6 months, we may need to issue a refund by ACH transfer, wire, or Zelle. Please note we will not be able to refund the credit card or PayPal fees if we have to refund by other means.
  • We will ship your order as soon as the backordered product is available. If there is an in stock item and a backordered item on your order, our standard policy is to ship the order complete. If you would like us to ship the in stock item(s) first, please Contact Us. Partially shipping your order may incur additional shipping fees.
  • If you are backordering a firearm, please see our How to Purchase a Firearm page. Ensure you have an FFL listed in your shipping address. If you do not provide the FFL information at the time of your purchase, shipping your order once it is in stock may be delayed, or the out the door total price may change due to tax rate differences.

Backorder ETAs

Due to current supply chain issues, increased shipping times, high demand, etc. backorder ETAs are extended. Most of our manufacturers are either not providing us backorder ETAs at all, or backorder ETAs we are provided are unreliable. 

  • Please understand that backorder ETAs, by definition, are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Please understand that in most cases, we will not be able to provide a backorder ETA with any degree of certainty nor will we be able to provide ETA updates regularly. In most cases, the shipments we receive will come when they come with little or no prior warning. 

If you are not comfortable with the uncertain backorder ETA, please consider signing up for a Back in Stock notification on the product page rather than placing a backorder.

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